You can now keep up with all Christ's Church ministries, update your personal information, and manage your tithing/giving through CC's Church Community Builder (CCB).

From this site you can:

  • keep your information up-to-date
  • give online and view/print your own contribution history
  • access most current contact information of attendees
  • view calendar of events
  • connect with people serving in the same ministry

It provides a secure connection with options to decide what information is public. It is also accessible on mobile devices.

Log in using the link on the right. If you are having problems logging in, please email Sarah Ronan at

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    How to access your financial reports


    1. Click here: or type it in a web browser address bar.

    2. Enter your own username and password, then click “login”. (If you need to create a login - click here.)

    3. When your home page appears, select “Give” on the left sidebar – the circle with the dollar sign in the center.

    4. Select “Schedules/History” at the top.

    5. Click the button labeled “giving statement” (along the right side of the screen). A separate box will appear which will provide you with several options.

    6. The first option is to create a giving statement for the whole family or a statement for a specific individual in your family. In most cases, you will want to select “Family”.

    7. The next option is the date range option. If you click "quick date range", you can select from several preset options. If you would like to look at a specific date range, select or type those dates.

    8. The last option in this box is “Tax Deductible”. Here you can select to see "both deductible and non-deductible", "deductible only", or "non-deductible only". For tax filing purposes, make sure you select “deductible only”.

    9. Once your options are selected, click “run report”.

    10. A separate page will appear with all your giving for the time and type chosen. The report will show the date range specified, the names of contributors to this financial report, along with the individual transactions and your total giving for the requested period. Please ensure this report is correct.

    11. If it is correct, you can print this report for your record-keeping. If there is any issue with this report, please contact Dave Bickel, Director of Finance, via email at or via phone at 513-229-3200. 

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    Logging in and updating your information

    There are three places you can go to login:
    1. Click here:
    2. Open your preferred web browser and type the address in the web browser address bar at the top of the screen.
    3. From (this page), you can login on the right sidebar.

    From there, enter your own username and password, then click “login”.

    If you need to create a login - click here.
    If you have a login but forgot your username or need to reset your password, click here.

    Once you're logged in, you can look at and edit your own profile and those of your family members. To do this, click on your name in the top right corner. Click "Edit Profile" and you can update your information at any time. We suggest looking over the information that is there and correcting any outdated information and adding your profile picture. Click "save" when you're finished entering or updating information.